One of Twelve Poppies gifted to Branch 179 by the young students of our local Aboriginal Focus School.

One of Twelve Poppies gifted to Branch 179 by the young students of our local Aboriginal Focus School.

Just before Remembrance Day 2016 we received an email from a teacher at the local Aboriginal Focus School here in Vancouver telling us that his young students wished to create and gift our Legion with poppies carrying messages of peace and thanks to our military for keeping them safe. The poppies are done in the Salish style and we are delighted to have received them.

There are 12 poppies and the students were assisted by the support staff in the classroom. each poppy is accompanied with a small message of “Peace is_______” on the back as a tiny token of thanks to the women and men who have served in our military.

Because they are the Aboriginal Focus School the children chose to share a symbol of healing from Aboriginal culture and coloured the poppies the four colours of the Medicine Wheel… red, yellow, black and white which represent the four quadrants of the Medicine Wheel. The four colours represent different things to different Nations, but the common representations include: the four phases of life, the four directions, the four directions, the four natural elements, the four sacred medicines, the four seasons, and the four states of health (physical, emotional, spiritual and mental).

Along with the poppies, we also received this message…


Please accept our small token of appreciation for the work you continue to do to ensure the peace and safety not just of the First Nations, Inuit, Metis and Canadians here are home but of all of the people you help and have helped around the world.

Below is a slideshow presenting their poppies and messages of peace. Thank you for them and please enjoy!

Peace Poppy Slideshow

A Message from the members of the Royal Canadian Legion Grandview Branch #179 to the Students and their Teacher of the Aboriginal
Focus School…


for your gift of these wonderful poppies and your messages of peace. They will remain as part of our remembrance archive for many years to come.

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