winning sweater 2016 ugly xmas sweater contest

Close-up of the winning sweater… Congrats to Danielle on her winning home made entry.

Ah… the Christmas sweater… what better to wear to Christmas dinner at the Legion. Some say they are festive but some say they are ugly! Perhaps we can just call them festively ugly but you can decide for yourself when you view the slide show below.

Our 2016 Christmas dinner was a great success with plenty of yummy turkey, stuffing and gravy to go around. Many thanks to all the dedicated volunteers that made the dinner possible… we couldn’t have done it without you. This year’s dinner included our first Christmas Sweater competition which was well attended with 13 brave souls donning their finest and stepping up for judgement hour.

At the end of competition four lucky contestants were judged the winners…. congratulations every one and thank you all for participating and we look forward to doing it again next Christmas. Check out all the great entries in the slide show and enjoy.

Danielle was the 2016 winner with her home made Christmas sweater... great job!


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