Staff and members stand in front of the old bar soon to be an old memory in the near future

Staff and members stand in front of the old bar soon to be replaced in the near future

Yes you heard it here… our branch is finally getting long awaited new bar facilities to replace our old troubled bar and cooler system which has been in service since we opened at the present location in the 50’s and has worked overtime ever since.

There wouldn’t be a week pass without something going wrong with our old systems. Cooler doors that wouldn’t close, leaking lines, dish washer or ice machine breaking down, not to mention having to go to the basement for new kegs and cases. The new bar will address all these issues and more, giving the branch a much needed push into the 21st century.

Renovation started on Thursday May 28th 2016 with the building of a hording wall to keep debris/dust out of the main bar room as we are still open for business during the construction. The project is expected to take 2 months from start to finish. Many hours of preparation were necessary before the renovation could start and thanks to our hard working bar manager, staff and members who chipped in to help, all was accomplished in time for Demolition Day.

Our staff taking part in demo day with obvious glee

In the weeks leading up to demo day, space needed to be created to accommodate our temporary bar facilities. Plumbing and electrics were re-routed, snooker table was moved the the old pool table was retired, coolers were moved, lottery terminals and TV monitors were re-situated and other systems were put in place so we had a functioning bar. Opening day went down without any major glitch’s and the temporary bar is functioning well.


But don’t take our word for it…. Come on in and see for yourself, we would be glad to see you. Or for those who can’t make it, check out pictures of the project here.

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