Blessing of the Ancient CedarOn Monday, June 25, 2018, community members gathered in front of Collingwood Neighbourhood House to take part in the blessing of the cedar log. The event was honoured by the presence of Councillor Morgan Guerin of the Musqueam band as well as performances by Tsatsu Stalqayu (Coastal Wolf Pack). Elder Jewel Thomas offered a blessing on behalf of the community.

Since July, the carving team of Gerry Sheena and his apprentices and trainees have been working diligently on the 600 year-old red cedar log in front of CNH. The pole, which has been poetically named “Ancient Cedar’s Journey Home” will have the images of an eagle and eaglet, salmon and bear in its design.

As Gerry wrote: “Red Cedar will find a new home, standing solidly and firmly with us at the Collingwood Neighbourhood house Annex as a guardian and emblem of all of our journeys. Red Cedar’s presence will prompt us to stop and pause, to feel rooted in our places together, here in this beautiful land, to honour all of the stories from there to here, that led us to this place we call Home”

Blessing of the Ancient Cedar

This October/November community members will be invited to join in a parade and blessing as the pole travels to its new home at the Annex (3690 Vanness Avenue). We hope that Legion members join us for the celebration!

We would like to share news about the community pole carving project at Collingwood Neighbourhood House. The Legion generously donated funds to support the training of youth who are interested in learning the techniques and traditions of Coastal Salish carving.

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