Grandview Collingwood Legion

As a branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, Grandview – Collingwood Legion is a membership organization and we invite you to be part of our wonderful organization as a member of our Branch.


Our mission is to serve Veterans, which includes currently serving Military and RCMP Members, and their families, to promote Remembrance and to serve our communities and our country.

History Of Grandview Legion #179

Founded in 1945, R.C.L. Grandview Legion Branch #179 is one of the 154 branches of BC Yukon Command. We support wholeheartedly the aims and objects of the Royal Canadian Legion and are here to serve our veterans, their dependents and the community.

Over the years’ as part of our community commitment, we have supported many community organizations including Vancouver Women’s Shelter, Community Police, SPCA, George Derby Care Centre, 759 Falcon Squadron Air Cadets and the list goes on. We have also sponsored and participated in Grandview Minor Soccer for over 50+ years.

Grandview Branch #179 is also one of the five original Branches of the Royal Canadian Legion in the Vancouver Area that partnered to form the New Chelsea Society, one of the first Legion Housing Societies in Canada, in 1952. The other Legion Branches included: South Vancouver Branch #16, Collingwood Branch #48, Lord Nelson Branch #68 and Hastings East Branch #185.



In January 2017, Grandview Legion Branch #179 welcomed the members of Collingwood Legion Branch #48 as the two branches amalgamated to form Grandview-Collingwood Branch #179.

History Of Collingwood Legion

The original Collingwood Branch #48 was completed in 1925. In 1919 the veterans of Collingwood Carlton called a meeting and decided to make an application to the Great War Veterans Association. This was granted and Branch #48 was assigned to a new group. Bill Foster was chairman and Bert Haines secretary. Dues were $3.00 per year and payable in quarterly installments.The group rented a vacation store on Joyce Road as a home. The Dry Law was enforced at this time, although members could keep the odd pint in their lockers for their own consumption, nothing could be sold.

In 1923, two lots at 2569 Kingsway were purchased from the municipality of South Vancouver for $400 with $100 down. Plans were made to start construction of their own club and work began in November 6th, 1924.

The lot was cleared and excavation was done by volunteers on weekends and days off. The work parties would retire to the “store” on Joyce Road for refreshments. It was during this time that some of the ladies became involved and formed a group which would later become the Collingwood Branch #48 Ladies Auxiliary.

The supervision and construction of the new Branch fell on Charlie Grant, a carpenter and builder. Charlie had the assistance of several helpers and volunteers. The building was completed in 1925.

When the new organization, The Royal Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League was formed in 1926, the Great War Veteran Association was one of the signing groups, therefore Branch #48 voted to support the move, and became known as Branch #48. The first president was Ernie Barker.

In 1929, with amalgamation of South Vancouver with the city of Vancouver, all homes and streets were numbered and the club’s address became 3249 Kingsway.

During the Jubilee year of 1936, the Branch took part in the celebrations. Reminiscent of World War 1, sand bags were piled along the front entrance along with the odd machine gun and the flags were prominently displayed.

During the 40′s the Branch was active in War bond drives. The L. A. was busy with the influx of new members and the Branch expanded.

In 1946 the basement was converted into a canteen and a L.C.B. canteen license was granted the same year. Prior to the basement canteen being completed, the upstairs hall was used by means of a dumb waiter from the bar downstairs.

Members of Branch #48 at their last meeting for 2016 before amalgamating with Grandview Branch #179 in January 2017

In 1952 the building was extended into the alley. About this time a Credit Union was formed. The hall became a credit union office every Saturday morning when the members made their deposits. Shortly after a credit union banquet in January 1956, a fire destroyed the entire building.

The Branch obtained an office in “The Cottage” of A.N.A.F. Unit #100 and work began on a new building.On December 12th, 1956, the official opening of the new building took place, even though it was not completed.

One corner of the premises remained uncompleted, and in 1975, a committee was formed to raise money to finish the work. It was decided to make the upstairs space a rental hall and to move all Legion activities downstairs.

Collingwood Branch #48, closed its doors in 2005 at the Joyce Kingsway location to make room for redeveloping. In October 2006 they found a new home at 718 East 20th Ave at Fraser Street.The branch remained at the Fraser Street location until being unceremoniously closed by Pacific Command in December 2012. Over the next few years members struggled to keep their charter and history alive and thanks to a few caring members they succeeded. In December of 2016 Collingwood membership voted for amalgamation with Grandview Legion and in January of 2017 the new Legion Grandview Collingwood Branch #179 was officially declared open.

General Information

As a member organization we invite the public who support the same things we do, who want comradeship and want to be part of a wonderful organization, to join.